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Junior Tutor Interview process

  1. Apply online via Contact Form
  2. Fill in information and do an IT test (instructions below)
  3. Schedule Interview (Our recruiters will be in touch with you regarding this). Interview will consist of a discussion with the recruiter regarding the onboarding process (Done via Skype) as well as a short Mock Session (to ascertain your technical and teaching skills) This will be done using our Teaching Platform.
  4. There will be a short video describing the Whiteboard tools and how they work to assist you with your Mock Session.
  5. You will be scheduled for a Mandatory Training session during the Interview (1 – 1 1/2 hours), your Time and Date will be confirmed once your Mock Session has been approved.
  6. Kindly note that you will be contacted within 2-3 days regarding the outcome of your Interview.
  7. Once you have successfully passed the Interview, Completed your online profile and training as well as passed your IT Test, you will give us a fixed schedule for 5x of our peak times that you will be available to teach within the next 7 days.

We have added the videos below for you to watch and help you along with the interview process.

How to use the classroom whiteboard tools

7 Tips For Teaching Junior Students

Interacting With Low-Level Students

Make The Best Use Of Props

TutorABC Manual Test

Things to ensure prior to test:

    1. Your connectivity is at optimal efficiency. (If you have WiFi, please use a LAN cable to connect to your computer)
    2. Your Webcam is connected to your Computer or Laptop and working properly
    3. Your Headset settings are correct on your Computer or Laptop and your microphone is working.
    4. That you are seated in front of a clear background e.g. clear wall with no distractions (pictures or windows etc.)
    5. Remain seated in front of the camera, with your headset and camera on for the duration of the test.
    6. You need to ensure that you have Flash Player and Google Chrome or Internet Explorer Downloaded.



1) Follow link: http://consultanttest.tutorabc.com

2) Scroll down to “TeamViewer download instructions”

3) Download TeamViewer and Follow the instructions on the screen

4) Enter TeamViewer ID and Password, Situated at the top of the page

5) Select “I am a new consultant” in the “Issue” box buy using the drop down arrow

6) Click submit

An IT Consultant will then log in via TeamViewer and run the necessary tests on your PC

TeamViewer is a program that allows us to remotely access your computer.
You will be able to see everything that we do while we are in control,
and you will be able to terminate the access by closing the program.
TeamViewer Official Site address : https://www.teamviewer.com

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